Create Pixel-Precise Interactive Learning Content for All Devices, Quickly and Easily.

Sonar is a comprehensive, cloud-based authoring and distribution platform for digital learning content.

Visual Authoring
Sonar’s WYSIWYG visual editor, Mako, provides an intuitive and familiar set of tools that lets you create and organize content with pixel precision for all devices.
Sonar collaboration features allow teams to work together seamlessly on projects both large and small.
Interactive Components
Components are drag-and-drop building blocks that your team can quickly assemble into engaging content.
Sonar's capabilities are extensible via code. Customize your content by creating your own business logic, interactivity, and components.
Sonar's built-in, customizable analytics reveal exactly how and where audiences are engaging with your content.
Easy Publishing
Focus on creating your content - Sonar makes it look great on all devices.

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